May 2016



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Immediate Placement of SDIs in the Maxillary Arch: Immediate Post-Extraction Placement

Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS, presents a case report dealing with immediate placement of small-diameter implants for prosthetic stabilization.

Immediately Loading Dental Implants: Doing It Right for Long-Term Success
Charles D. Schlesinger, DDS, presents detailed information on how the clinician can achieve greater success when placing immediately loaded implants.

Inflection Points in Dental Imaging

L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, discusses inflection points relating to endodontics.

Putting Material Science to Work: Use of a Self-Polishing, Universal Nanohybrid Composite
Robert A. Lowe, DDS, presents a case report showcasing the use of a recently introduced self-polishing nanohybrid composite.

Aesthetics and Removable Prosthetics

George E. Kirtley, DDS, presents a unique removable prosthetic case that involves spark erosion technology.

Interdisciplinary Management of Worn Anterior Teeth: Facially Generated Treatment Planning

Frank M. Spear, DDS, MSD, discusses facially generated treatment planning for the interdisciplinary management of worn anterior teeth.

Service With a Smile

Sam Simos, DDS, shares the steps he took to take his patient from hiding her smile to letting her real personality shine through.

Platelet-Rich Growth Factor for Lip and Perioral Rejuvenation: A Case Study on “The Kiss Shot”
Robert Gordon, DDS, discusses the use of platelet rich growth factors in perioral and lip rejuvenation procedures.

Vital Pulp Therapy in Primary Teeth: An Update

Lance Kisby, DMD examines the rapidly changing materials, concepts, and techniques in pulp therapy for primary teeth. This article is peer reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

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