Massachusetts Town Votes to Continue Without Fluoridation



A town in Massachusetts voted overwhelmingly against fluoridation.

The town of Amesbury, Mass. will continue to not fluoridate water because of the poor quality of the fluoride and the impact it had on the water system. More voters in every district voted against fluoridation

The town had been adding sodium fluoride in its water dating back to 1967 until the practice was stopped in 2009.

Because of the suspected poor quality of fluoride—thanks to low-bid providers—the practice of fluoridating water had been questioned over the last few years the issue was reopened with the possibility of using better fluoride. Now, the town will update the water system to prevent clogs, which resulted from fluoride, and will still not conduct the practice of fluoridating water.

The Board of Health, however, voted in favor of fluoride at a town hall meeting in October that was meant to reopen the issue.

There were some residents who maintained the town’s stance against fluoride, saying that it’s not needed to improve oral health.

The fluoride debate is nothing new to dentistry and there still isn’t a definitive answer regarding the impact of fluoride on oral health.