Kadi, Gary

2023 Consulting Leaders

Gary Kadi
1133 Broadway, Suite 321
New York, NY 10010

P: (212) 388-1712

Mr. Kadi is an author and founder of NextLevel Practice, whose mission is to lead the mobilization of the complete health dentistry movement. After studying business management at Rutgers University, Mr. Kadi achieved success with his own marketing and management consulting firms which ultimately led to the creation of NextLevel Practice. Gary currently lives in New York City, NY. During his career he has appeared on CNN for 3 consecutive years reporting on how businesses can thrive in crisis, and written 3 books. His first book, Million Dollar Dentistry, is distributed in 37 countries with more than 35,000 copies in 5 editions and has become requisite reading for dentists at every level. His second book, Raise Your HDL: Healthy Deserve Level is fast becoming the key to propelling practices that have plateaued, and his most recent is entitled The Dentist: America’s Unsung Healthcare Hero. A recognized authority on leadership, management, organizational transformation, and performance, he has been honored consistently for his dedication to team success.

Lecture Topics:
Practice Management

Building the dream team

Decentralizing the doctor

Hiring done right



2023 Lecture Highlights:
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