Hu, Jerry C

2022 CE Leaders

Dr. Hu keeps on the forefront of dentistry by being active in clinical dentistry and research in dental sleep medicine, cosmetic, and implant dentistry altogether. He values airway centric dentistry and biomimetic dentistry and lectures to dentists both nationally and internationally.  First, in dental sleep medicine, Dr Hu is triple board certified, attaining Diplomates in ABDSM, ASBA, and ACSDD. He serves as the vice Chair in the Education Committee in ASBA , and lectured on the main podium at  the annual meeting in 2019 and is on the Executive Board for ACSDD. He also worked with  ACSDD and Modern Global to bring dental sleep medicine to Asia. He has already completed follow-up lectures in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in 2019. Dr. Hu’s clinical research has been published in peer reviewed journals, such as Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine, Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and General Dentistry (AGD’s  Peer reviewed journal) and nonreviewed such as Dental Sleep Practice (DSP) and Dentistry Today. He is an instructor for Sleep Group Solutions and lectures for Modern Global and Prosomnus. He is also a clinical integrated advisor for VIVOS,(the craniofacial epigenetics and pneumopedics system) and is certified in the AGGA/ Facial Beauty Institute. He has also been asked to help Myotronics bridge neuromuscular dentistry with dental sleep medicine as well as Trudenta for TMJ/TMD and link to airway. Dr. Hu is also currently working on 3 patents for dental sleep medicine and airway and started a new company O2 & U in Australia.

Lecture Topics:
Dental Sleep Medicine

Implant Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry


2022 Lecture Highlights:
Feb 5-6: Sleep Group Solutions; Las Vegas, NevApr 5: Vivos; webinar

Apr 22-23: Vivos; Salt Lake City, Utah

May14-15: Sleep Group Solutions; Denver, Colo

Aug 5-6, Vivos Institute; Denver, Colo

Aug 19: Vivos; webinar

Oct 7-10: Annual Sleep Roundtable, Dallas, Texas

Oct 22-24: Annual Sleep and Breathing Wellness Conference; Las Vegas, Nev

Nov 5-6: Nierman’s Annual meeting; Denver, Colo


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