Abrams, Stephen H.

2022 CE Leaders

Dr. Abrams is a general dental practitioner with more than 39 years of clinical practice experience. Upon graduation from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1980, he cofounded a group practice in Toronto, which has grown to involve both general practitioners and dental specialists. In 1999, Dr. Abrams began working on a non-invasive laser-based device for the detection, measurement, and monitoring of changes in tooth structure, including cracks, caries, and erosion. In 2006, he founded Quantum Dental Technologies to finish the development of the Canary System. The Canary System is currently on market and is able to detect caries on all tooth surfaces, around restoration margins, beneath sealants, and around orthodontic brackets. He is a senior member of the European Organization for Caries Research and the International Association for Dental Research, where he has presented a number of papers on the detection of caries using the Canary System. He also has honorary fellowships in a number of dental societies, including the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the Academy of Dentistry International, the American College of Dentists, and the International College of Dentists. Dr. Abrams has been active in the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), chairing and sitting on a number of committees, including its Dental Benefits Committee. He has dealt with issues on access to dental care, the design of dental programs, and the evaluation of billing data while leading these committees. Dr. Abrams has published over 120 articles in various journals on topics including early caries detection, preventive dentistry, removable partial prosthetics, and the design of dental programs. In 2002, Dr. Abrams was awarded the Barnabus Day Award from the ODA for 20 years of distinguished service to the dental profession. He also received recognition for community service, including the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal in 1992, the Alpha Omega Toronto Humanitarian Award in 2014, and the SNAPD Award in 2017.

Lecture Topics:
Caries Detection and Management


Preventive Dentistry

Asking “Why” to Help Develop a Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, and Followup 

Removable Prosthodontics 

The Future of Dentistry and Oral Health Care in Canada

Design, Implementation, and Measurement of Outcomes in Government Dental Programs 

COVID-19 and Your Patients

Impact of COVID-19 on Oral Health and Overall Health

2022 Lecture Highlights:
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