Kerr Asks “What Music Works Best in a Dentist’s Office?”



ORANGE, CA – February 25, 2014 – Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative dental products, has posted a detailed investigative report about the music heard in dental offices. The article explores recent trends in what music is played at dental practices and includes interviews with a number of experts on the subject.

Titled “What Music Works Best in a Dentist Office?” the piece contains tips and suggestions for dentists regarding the “ultimate dental office playlist <> ” and addresses the questions: “What music will be best accepted by all age groups?” “What effect does music have in terms of calming the nerves of a patient?” and “Why not news or talk radio?” The importance of creating the right audio atmosphere is also discussed.

Interviews with a music consultant, a medical management and patient relations consultant, a DJ, a psychologist, and a music therapist are all included, as well as an informal survey of several dentists. The article even provides a “Top Ten” list of songs that “never fail” in the dental practice setting, according to the experts.

The entire article, as well as other archived topics of interest to dentists is available at the Kerr Dental Blog. <>

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