June 2019

Dentistry Today



Long-term Stabilization for Interdisciplinary Care

Drs. Cherilyn G. Sheets, Jacinthe M. Paquette, and Jean C. Wu present a case that involved the interim stabilization of an ectodermal dysplasia patient undergoing long-term interdisciplinary care.

Seeing With Aesthetic Vision: Tooth Size Discrepancies
Dr. Elliot Mechanic shows how to set up an orthodontic case when a patient has teeth that are not ideal in size.

A ‘Graft Less’ Approach to Posterior Implant Sites

Dr. Craig M. Misch shares clinical case reports that showcase augmentation methods that are more predictable and less invasive than used in the past.

A Full-Mouth Rejuvenation

Dr. Ross W. Nash discusses the importance of a fixed prototype used in the process of properly restoring a patient’s worn teeth.

The Evolving Look of ‘The Look’

Dr. John West shares a visual guide as a reference for preoperative and postoperative evaluations.

Transforming Aesthetics Using CAD/CAM Dentistry

Dr. Perry E. Jones describes how to fine-tune prosthetic design, from provisionalization to the final restorations.

Improving Patient Communication in Ceramics
Drs. Ronald E. Goldstein, Edward A. McLaren, and Marko Tadros share several techniquesthat have proven successful over the years to improve patients’ understanding of their clinical conditions and to increase the predictability of case acceptance.

Elderly Patients With Bald Tongue: Case Series

Dr. Ronald S. Brown, Mr. Jonathan B. Owens, Ms. Sandra D. Osborne, and Dr. Robert F. Gamble discuss predisposing factors associated with the condition of bald tongue and present a case series of 5 elderly patients who were diagnosed with this condition. This article is peer reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Keeping Overhead in Check With Lean Dentistry

Focus On: Endodontic Education