July 2013



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Maxillary Small-Diameter Implant-Retained Overdentures
Paresh B. Patel, DDS, demonstrates the use of small-diameter implants in the resorbed edentulous maxillary arch.

Improving the Way to Detect Cracks in Teeth

Stephen Abrams, DDS, presents a case report, discussing new technology used for caries and crack detection.

Implant Wisdom: An Endodontist’s Approach
Jack S. Roth, DDS, presents a logical approach to abutment diagnosis and prognosis prior to implant placement.

Direct Composite Resin Restorations for Today’s Practice
Ross W. Nash, DDS, outlines a predictable technique for the placement of anterior and posterior composite resin restorations.

A New Perspective on Minimally Invasive Veneer Techniques
Peter Harnois, DDS, presents a case report demonstrating an innovative material for minimally invasive veneers.

Discovering the Artist Inside: A Three-Step Approach to Predictable Aesthetic Smile Designs, Part 2
Galip Gürel, DDS, presents foundational principles for ensuring clinical and patient success in aesthetic dentistry.

Management of Occlusion Over Implants, Part 2: Three 10-Year Case Follow-Ups and Evaluations

Rodrigo Escalante Vasquez, DDS, concludes his 2-part article on long-term results for porcelain-fused-to-hybrid-gold restorations.

The Reintroduction of an Effective Cavity Liner
Randy S. Weiner, DMD, talks about the reintroduction of hydroxyline for use as a cavity liner.

An Overview of Evidence-Based Dentistry Research