StarAligners’ John Nabors, Promoted to Vice President of Operations and Sales



John Nabors

John Nabors

StarAligners’ CEO, Reid Greenberg, is pleased to announce the promotion of John Nabors to Vice President of Operations and Sales. John brings more than 38 years of successful leadership experience, strategic business growth, planning and implementation across sales, marketing, and business development to StarAligners. In his role, John will utilize his extensive knowledge of the orthodontic aligner industry to further the development and growth of the brand.

John is a known industry veteran and was tasked with taking StarAligners to the next level, building the brand from a concept to launching Star+, now rebranded as StarAlignersPro, an orthodontic-led aligner care program for orthodontists to affordably treat mild to moderate aligner cases. Previously, John spent 25 years with 3M Unitek in sales and marketing leadership roles, focusing on photobiomodulation, 3D scanning and the clear aligner business growth opportunities.

“We’re doubling down on our commitment to future growth through investments that enhance our operations by hiring talent like John. I am honored to be working with him and to be able to leverage his vast knowledge of the orthodontic and clear aligner industry,” says CEO of StarAligners, Reid Greenberg. “His leadership in the development of StarAlignersPro™ and working with our orthodontists is just a small portion of what he does for the company, and I’m excited to see how we can work together to bring even more brighter smiles to patients.”

John developed StarAlignersPro to address the orthodontist need to affordably treat mild to moderate aligner cases, as well as to provide a solution to the stress and overhead of doing in-house aligners. The StarAlignersPro Aligner Kit includes, 3D Customized Aligners, Teeth Whitening Foam and offers the new StarAlignersPro Essix™ Retainers, for after treatment care. The brand recently launched retainers made from Essix Ace Retainer material, the best clear material to maintain the patient’s smile, custom-made and created from a final 3D scan of the patient’s teeth.

“I am thrilled to be working with a company that shares my vision for our aligner growth industry,” says John. “Having dedicated myself to the orthodontic profession for so many years, it’s clear that aligners continue to provide proven benefits, and StarAligners is bridging a very important gap in the orthodontic practice’s application offering the best solution for mild to moderate aligner cases.”

Under the guidance of John Nabors, StarAligners will launch its latest product, Illumina™, an oral therapy system that enhances gum health, increases circulation using photobiomodulation, using LEDs and provides teeth whitening using blue light at the start of 2022. This at-home self-treatment can be used for 10 minutes per day, per arch, for a healthier and brighter smile, using StarAligners Teeth Whitening Foam for an added boost.

“Illumina will be a game changer for aligner patients,” says John Nabors.

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StarAligners is an oral care company and creator of StarAlignersPro, an innovative clear aligner solution to treat mild to moderate aligner cases, now offered directly via orthodontists’ offices across the 21 United States.

The orthodontic-led aligner care program was created by a 30-year orthodontic professional and four renowned orthodontic board members to provide a premium and affordable experience for patient and orthodontists alike, supported by the latest 3D technology and design software, state of the art manufacturing for quality clear aligner treatment. For more information, please visit