Intiveo Launches Two-Way Referral Management Solution



Recently, Intiveo, the patient engagement software designed to empower dental practices to enhance the patient experience, announced its two-way referral management solution to make it even easier for dental practices to manage referrals.


With this new product, dental offices can now send and receive patient referrals directly through their Intiveo software. It is one of the only solutions available today that helps track each patient’s progress, providing status updates at every step of the process. This ensures all parties have a clear understanding of where they are in the referral process, facilitated by secure communication between dental and specialist offices.

“We are always looking for ways to allow practices to focus on providing great dental care, and our customers have consistently told us that handling referrals is a major pain point for front office staff, with current solutions falling short,” said Josh DeVries, CEO and co-founder of Intiveo. “In response, we’ve enhanced our referral offering with features that address the entire referral lifecycle and are designed to improve the referral process, making it faster, clearer, and more convenient for everyone.”

Intiveo’s new and improved solution aims to simplify the referral process and includes:

  • Two-way referral capability: Effortlessly send and receive referrals within the Intiveo platform, securely.
  • One place to manage all activity: Whether forwarding patient details to a specialist, another practice, or receiving incoming referrals, customers can manage all referral activities in one place.
  • Complete patient tracking: Monitor the referral status from both ends. Track the patient’s journey from initial referral to the completion of their treatment, providing visibility and ensuring continuity of care throughout the patient experience.
  • Integrated communication tools: Maintain clear and effective communication with both sending and receiving practices. Exchange notes, manage attachments, and stay updated on every patient’s progress.
  • Unified internal and external portals: A cohesive interface for sending or receiving referrals. Each function is integrated into the Intiveo software, simplifying the management of referrals and patient data.
  • Secure data management: Download and upload necessary forms and attachments with ease. All documents are compatible with existing Practice Management Systems (PMS), ensuring a seamless and secure workflow that maintains HIPAA compliance.

This new solution provides a more robust support system for managing referrals. By implementing this referral system, practices can now handle requests more efficiently, saving time and reducing the manual workload for already understaffed offices. It simplifies the referral process, giving staff more time to focus on patient care.

“Intiveo’s Referral Management saves our receptionists at least one hour of work per day, allowing them to focus on providing better care for our patients,” said Cindy Castilloux from Centre Dentaire Caron.

This referral solution is also in compliance with Quebec’s Law 25 to help practices transform how they handle referrals and patient information, all while staying compliant and secure.

Intiveo’s new two-way referral management solution is available now to all customers. To learn more about this solution, visit

About Intiveo

Intiveo is a patient engagement software designed to empower dental practices to enhance the patient experience. Our platform improves patient engagement and outcomes through two-way chat, recall reminders, quality improvement surveys, and online review management tools. With comprehensive integrations across major PMS systems, Intiveo streamlines front office workflows, centralizing patient engagement and communication management. Intiveo serves over 3,000 dental practices across North America, helping them improve their patients’ experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth while improving staff morale. For more information, please visit

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Markus Winkler on Unsplash.