Implant Dentistry in the Spotlight

Damon Adams, DD


It is no surprise that our Implants Today section of Dentistry Today continues to be of great interest to readers who are general practitioners (GPs). After all, implant dentistry is one of the fastest areas of growth in the industry! Our most recent readership surveys continue to show that articles on various implant topics are highly rated.

Implants Today made its debut in the September 2015 issue of Dentistry Today under the capable watch of Dr. Michael Tischler, who serves as our implant editor. With the GP foremost in mind, we are selecting quality evidence-based clinical case report articles with a focus on implant dentistry. Our goals are to publish current and relevant information that will help the GP gain clinical knowledge related to implants, and to encourage more of our colleagues to place and restore dental implants.

Dr. Michael Tischler has been assisting us in all editorial matters related to implants, and I can report that it is an absolute pleasure to work and collaborate with him. He is a GP who has successfully incorporated the use of implants in his own practice, and I can report that Michael is passionate about helping others to develop their own expertise in this dental discipline.

We also applaud our highly respected implant-focused specialists and GPs who have agreed to serve on our Implant Advisory Board and who also contribute regularly to the clinical content presented. This month, we have an excellent clinical case report article by our distinguished cover clinician and advisory board member, Dr. Natalie Wong. Also, in our peer-reviewed CE selection in this issue, available for 2 FAGD/MAGD CEUs, Drs. Gary Greenstein, Joseph Carpentieri, and Ben Greenstein compare 2 different techniques (a cantilevered pontic vs 2 crowns geminating off the implant) used to replace 2 mandibular incisors with one implant to support 2 crowns.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from this issue of Dentistry Today!

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