Identity Dental Marketing Announces Strategy for Dental Implant Marketing

Identity Dental Marketing
identity dental marketing


Identity Dental Marketing, top-rated national dental marketing firm founded in 2009 by Grace Rizza, offers clients a new way to attract dental implant patients. By combining high-quality custom video advertising, social media marketing, lead nurturing and in-person education.

identity dental marketing

Grace Rizza, CEO

This program allows a dentist to build a reputation of excellence in full-mouth restorative dentistry within their target market.

“This idea may not be revolutionary to all, but it certainly is under-utilized in most markets. By utilizing a strategy that allows prospective patients to meet with a group of others with similar needs builds a community, strengthens the ability for the patient to move forward, and positions the dentist as the authority in smile restoration. This hybrid of digital marketing, social media marketing and face-to-face education will lead to a powerful demand for your brand,” explained Ms. Rizza, CEO of Identity Dental Marketing.

Even though it requires the expertise of the Identity Dental Marketing team, this type of campaign is simple for the dentist. It requires only 3 steps. First, the dentist will set up a complimentary marketing planning session at where expectations and a recommended budget will be discussed.

Next the dentist will approve video scripts and set a time for a video shoot (either local or with the Identity Dental Marketing team). From there, the videos will serve to drive interested members of the community to weekly or monthly in-office educational events.

These leads can be nurtured through an add-on service allowing for real-time communication with interested patients and your front office team. A member of your team will give a presentation about your unique process, discuss financial options and book individual consultations to help these leads become quality new patients.

“If you’ve taken the time to learn how to place implants, have invested in the necessary equipment and training, it’s a disservice to your community if you fail to educate them on the excellent care you offer,” says Lea, a marketing strategist at Identity Dental Marketing.

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