Humana to Pay $7 Per Dental Claim to Offset COVID-19 Costs

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Humana will pay an additional $7 per Humana member dental claim for all fully insured Humana dental members to offset the increased costs of providing dental care during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Humana understands how the pandemic has impacted so many of the dental practices we work with, and it’s important to us to support them as so many are in the midst of reopening their practices,” said Chris Hunter, president of Humana’s Group & Military Segment.

“Our goal with the new actions we are taking is to help ensure that our dental provider partners can afford the personal protective equipment they need to safely treat their patients, our Humana members,” said Hunter.

At the end of each month, Humana will send a stipend to its dental provider partners based on the total number of claims for Humana members that month. Humana also is offering 24/7 access to its EAP and Work-Life Services in its dental networks.

These actions are a part of the company’s wide-ranging proactive approach to supporting a better healthcare experience for its members, especially during this unprecedented health crisis, Humana said.

“As our dental providers focus on delivering the best care possible in a safe environment, we want them to know that Humana supports them. In many cases, these practices are small businesses, not unlike the tens of thousands of small-business customers who have Humana health coverage,” Hunter said.

“The pandemic has adversely impacted so many small businesses, and these actions we’re announcing today represent the latest steps our company is taking to support the people we serve, and those who serve our members,” Hunter said.

The additional funding will be available from June through September 2020 for all fully insured Humana dental members. Providers interested in connecting with EAP and Work-Life Services can call (888) 673-1154. The funding excludes ASO, Network Access, and Discount plans.

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