How Were Fillings Done 13,000 Years Ago?

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Newly examined ancient teeth have revealed some interesting insights into how prehistoric dentistry was done – find out what researchers believe was used to fill two ancient teeth found in Tuscany. Also, as you attend the Calfornia Dental Association meeting next week, find out how you can help reduce the number of American adults who suffer from periodontitis. Another meeting, brought to you by The American Association of Endodontists, is just kicking off in New Orleans today. Hear what attendees can expect, and how you can get involved, even if you can’t make the trip.

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Does Brushing Teeth Curb or Stimulate Appetite?

Following some Twitter buzz, one news outlet examined whether brushing teeth makes people hungry or lose their desire to eat – find out what was revealed about tooth brushing and hunger. Also, learn about a recent ProHEALTH-sponsored health fair, and what the organizers had to say to the public about oral health. And finally, this week, the AACD 2017 Meeting is in full swing in Vegas. Hear about what the organization has planned for attendees.

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