How to Ensure You Have a Successful New Year

Dr. Tyler Williams
successful new year


successful new year

Read on for expert advice on how to ensure you have a successful new year.

It’s January, the beginning of a year of goals, dreams, changes, updates, and resolutions. There’s actually a designated day in January named National “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.” The truth is, that means that less than one in 24 New Year’s resolutions, or rather less than 4% of New Year’s resolutions we make are ever realized or achieved.

As you start the new year, keep in mind the acronym S M A R T when you are setting your goals.

successful new year

Most new year’s resolutions are vague, such as “I’m going to work out more,” or “I want to manage my finances better,” or “we’re going to grow the practice this year,” or “let’s add a membership plan to the mix.” 

Besides being vague, the first problem with these goals is that most are not written. There’s also a fallacy where many people think that if they simply write down their goal, they will achieve it. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. When you make a resolution and don’t write it down, you have a very low chance of achieving that resolution. As mentioned above, there’s a 4% or less chance to achieve it if you don’t you write down your goal and make it specific. Studies show that your chance of achieving that goal increases to somewhere around 10% when you do write it down. 

The 3 Big Keys to achieving your goals this year are:

  1. Making them SMART
  2. Write them down somewhere you can see them regularly, such as in your planner, or on a vision board.
  3. Get an accountability partner. When you do all three of these things, your chance of achieving your goal skyrockets to around 90%. The accountability partner could be a friend or family member, co-worker, or a coach or mentor.

The most important lesson here is that you verbalize this and write it down to someone who will work with you on the goal and help you achieve it. Then work backwards with the desired result and measurable outcome as you kick off 2022 and work to make your goals attainable. 

I challenge you to think about how you can grow your practice and your personal life together. If adding more membership plans as a bigger part of your practice is something you’re aiming for, be sure to check out these recent podcasts for more information.

successful new year

May 2022 be your most successful new year yet.


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