Hinman Dental Meeting – Ms. Grace Rizza, Identity Dental Marketing CEO, Recruited to Speak

Hinman Dental Meeting
hinman dental meeting


hinman dental meeting

Read on for more about Ms. Grace Rizza being recruited to speak at the Hinman Dental Meeting.

Grace Rizza is now among the elite clinical and business leaders hired to educate at the prestigious, Hinman Dental Meeting.

Her four presentations range in the area of business development, branding, and digital marketing.

Grace will join well-known Hinman educators such as: Dr. Alan Atlas, Ms. Amber Auger, Dr. Ken Berley, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Dr. Tanya Brown, Dr. Alan Cordoza, Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Daniel Coleman, Dr. Rich Constantine, Dr. Harold Crossley, Dr. Timothy Donley, Ms. Teresa Duncan, Dr. Michael Glen, Dr. Howard Glazer, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Wayne Kerr, Dr. Mark Kleive, Dr. Susan Maples, Dr. John Nosti, Dr. Uche Odiatu, Dr. Thomas Viola, Ms. Susan Wingrove, and keynote, Ms. Kathleen Madigan.

Grace Rizza, leads a boutique agency, providing ethical and effective dental marketing strategies since 2009.

hitman dental meeting

Grace Rizza, Identity Dental Marketing

To learn about these services, visit identitydental.com.

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