Heygent Dental AI Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Engagement Platform

Heygent Dental AI


Heygent Dental AI proudly announces the launch of the AI-Powered Patient Engagement and Communication Platform, a state-of-the-art software built from the ground up with AI and designed specifically for dental clinics. Heygent Dental AI leverages conversational AI to instantly engage with patient calls and leads, automate appointment bookings, save front desk staff time, and win new patients. The Dental AI Receptionist handles all conversations over SMS, web chat, and responds to marketing leads and missed calls to immediately engage with patients and intelligently book appointments directly in the clinic’s patient management software through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

heygent dental ai

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and designed by dentists, Heygent Dental AI offers a suite of advanced AI-enabled features to enhance patient engagement and streamline dental practice operations. With instant missed call and marketing lead response, the AI ensures immediate engagement with patients 24/7 to attract new patients and boost production. The automated appointment booking feature allows the AI to handle back-and-forth conversations with patients to find the best time and day to book the appointments directly into your PMS. Heygent Dental AI integrates seamlessly with all major dental patient management software (e.g., Dentrix, EagleSoft, Open Dental, Curve Dental).

The Dental AI Receptionist is designed to follow up on patient leads to maximize appointment bookings. It also excels in overdue patient follow-up, re-engaging inactive patients to book cleaning and other appointments. Additionally, the AI web chat mounts on the dental clinic website and automates appointment booking over the web. Boasting high accuracy, the AI is well-versed in clinic-specific details such as appointment calendars and insurance/procedure information, offering precise, human-like conversations in multiple languages. The powerful patient conversation management dashboard keeps practices in full control, enabling AI engagement during specific times such as after-hours and weekends, and helping bring patients back into the office efficiently.

The user-friendly and powerful patient conversation management dashboard gives the clinic full control. Key features include reviewing text message transcripts with AI-produced summaries, confirming appointments, filtering conversations, and enabling two-way messaging with AI-enabled emergency care detection and notifications. The Heygent Conversational Dental AI is poised to revolutionize the way dental practices engage with their patients, providing unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and support.

Heygent.ai is now launching its cutting-edge dental AI technology across the United States and Canada.

For more information or to schedule a demo, visit www.heygent.ai or check us out on Instagram.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash.