Herman to Discuss Teledentistry at CDA Presents

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Brant Herman, CEO and founder of MouthWatch, will speak at CDA Presents in Anaheim on Thursday, May 17 from 2 to 3 pm in the On the Spot Room in the Anaheim Convention Center. MouthWatch also will be exhibiting its technology in booth #575.

During his lecture, “Teledentistry in Action: Putting Technology to Work,” Herman will review examples of how MouthWatch’s TeleDent teledentistry platform is improving operational efficiency and elevating the standard of patient care in public and private practice settings, according to the company.

“The technology of teledentistry is commonly associated with expanding the access to care in public health dentistry, but its superior ability to enhance connectivity and clinical collaboration is driving rapid growth in private practice dentistry,” Herman said. “I’ll show examples of this. 

Herman will illustrate how TeleDent can be used in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • General practitioner/specialist referrals and clinical collaboration
  • Dental service association access to specialists rotating in different locations
  • Medical-dental collaboration
  • Innovative dental hygiene business models
  • Public health program expansion 

“Whether teledentistry technology is used for public health or private practice, there are several common denominator benefits,” said Herman. “They are improved patient experience, simplified workflow, and easier communication amongst the care team,” said Herman.

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