Healthy Teeth Can Be Harmed By Habits



Healthy teeth always results in a bright and beautiful smile but the same may not be the case if you don’t maintain it. Teeth health is not always hampered due to food and bacteria but also due to some of your habits. These habits lead to decay of your tooth. Here are some habits that can lead to harm healthy teeth:

1. Tongue Studs—Doctors have found out that pushing your tongue stud against your teeth leads to teeth decay and gradually leads to making a gap between the two front teeth. Many teenagers who have taken up the trend of tongue stud have experienced this.

2. Sucking Lemon—Lemons can harm your healthy teeth by eroding the top most minerals present on your teeth. This can lead to teeth decay and patches. It is caused due to the citric acid present in lemon. Constant use may lead to sensitivity to cold and also cracking of teeth.

3. Ice—Eating ice is one of the common habits among children, specially during summers. Biting on hand ice can erode your teeth and lead to teeth decay. Ice has the ability to curb your teeth and create a hollow that then results in decay. Tooth pain, cracked teeth, swollen gums, etc. are some of the harms caused to healthy teeth.

4. Thumb Sucking­—Thumb sucking, a common habit of children, hampers with the positing of the teeth. It leads to protruding the upper two teeth and forcing the lower teeth inside. It not only harms the teeth position but also distorts the shape of the mouth and hampers with speech sometimes.

5. White Wine—White wine is high on acidic content. Thus, drinking white wine may lead to eroding the enamel of the teeth, thus, making making them yellowish. This, also makes the teeth vulnerable to patches. It takes up the color of the food that you eat quite easily, thus making patches.

6. Sweet Beverages—Sweet beverages can harm your teeth health because sugar usually erodes the surface and also makes teeth vulnerable to bacteria. Thus, it’s very important to wash your mouth after a cup of tea, coffee or cold drink, which most of us ignore.

7. Biting Nails—Nail biting is a common habit and as everyone of us are aware that nails are most prone to collect bacteria, as they are the most exposed. Biting nails only allows those bacteria to enter your mouth and effect teeth health.