Have You Seen Gold Prices? Scientific Metals Can Get You Paid

Scientific Metals
gold prices


NOW is the time to refine! Scientific Metals makes dentists up to 25% more compared to other refiners. They do that by offering $0 to sales reps, $0 to 3rd party reps, and $0 in hidden fees. You’ll also get FREE LUNCH for your practice with your first order (minimum 3 oz of gross weight to qualify).


gold prices

Scientific Metals provides a wide variety of precious metal refining services primarily for the dental and jewelry industries. The company accepts solids such as crowns, bridges, PFMs, PFGs, inlays, casting sprues and buttons, as well as grindings, floor and bench sweeps, carpets, and filters.

Each lot is melted one at a time and a sample is taken via capillary action through a narrow glass cylinder, called a vacuum pin tube.

This method is the gold standard and the preferred method for sampling.

It is superior to drill samples as the sample is taken from the molten liquid ensuring a homogeneous sample.

A unique combination of cutting-edge science and age-old skills, Scientific Metals has decades of combined experience melting and refining gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. Scientific Metals is capable of refining (1) floor/polishing sweeps, (2) filters, (3) sink trap sludge, (4) rags, and (5) many other materials that may contain precious metals.

The company’s state-of-the-art incineration systems allow for the burning of material containing precious metals without letting particulate matter out into the environment.

For more information, call Scientific Metals at (888) 949-0008, visit scientificmetals.com, or email info@scientificmetals.com.