Grant to Support Oral Health America’s Education and Advocacy Efforts

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The DentaQuest Foundation (DQF) has awarded Oral Health America (OHF) a $667,000 grant to support OHA’s national Wisdom Tooth Project and increase its capacity to continue advocating for publicly funded dental coverage for Medicare beneficiaries.

The Wisdom Tooth Project is designed to educate older adults and their caregivers, connect communities with support and resources to access care through its online portal, and advocate for policies that improve the oral health of all older adults.  

“With an expected 72.1 million seniors living in the United States by 2030, there is a sense of urgency in ensuring that all older adults receive the oral healthcare they deserve,” said Beth Truett, president and CEO of OHA. 

“Thanks to DQF, we are coordinating a national movement that prioritizes the oral health of older adults as a key factor for their overall health and wellness,” Truett said. “We are grateful to the DentaQuest Foundation for their continued support and partnership as we work for good oral health throughout the lifespan and advocate for an oral health benefit in Medicare.” 

OHA aims to build upon the work it has accomplished since 2015 by its three Medicare work groups focused on policy and procedure, marketing and communications, and politics to align efforts to impact the 2020 electoral platform. 

“The DentaQuest Foundation is happy to partner and invest in the important work that OHA is leading to provide equitable access to oral healthcare for the growing number of Medicare covered adults. Oral health is an integral component of health,” said Michael Monopoli, DQF executive director. 

OHA and DQF plan on working together to lead and strengthen partnerships within the oral health and aging network to elevate the relationship between oral and overall health and call on legislators, advocacy groups, and consumers to educate all constituents that health equity depends on including an oral health benefit in Medicare for all older adults.

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