Golden Proportions Marketing Announces Release of SmartLeads Software for Dentists

Golden Proportions Marketing
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Golden Proportions Marketing is excited to announce the official launch of SmartLeads, its new software platform designed to maximize the performance of marketing campaigns for dental practices.

golden proportions marketing

“We’re very excited to make SmartLeads available to our clients,” said Xaña Winans, CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing. “This software is going to be a game-changer for dentists who want to improve their marketing ROI.”

SmartLeads, a subscription-based solution, simplifies and automates the process of converting new patient leads into appointments. With it, dental offices can leverage email, text messaging, and chat messaging to engage marketing leads and increase their conversion rate to new patients.

“We’ve tested SmartLeads with a select group of our clients, and they absolutely love it,” explained Danny Cole, VP of production for Golden Proportions Marketing. “Pay-per-click, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies can deliver plenty of leads, but SmartLeads actually converts those leads into revenue for the office.”

While SmartLeads simplifies lead conversion for dental teams, it also provides an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows dentists to track the progress of their lead funnels, providing enhanced transparency and clarity to the marketing process.

SmartLeads is currently in its initial rollout phase, but interested dental practice owners can learn more about the product by contacting Golden Proportions Marketing at 570-742-5656 and speaking with Erica Fritz, New Business Executive.

Golden Proportions Marketing is a full-service dental marketing company founded in Pennsylvania. With more than 20 years of experience serving clients across the country and a nationwide team of marketing experts, they are recognized as one of the leading marketing agencies in the dental industry.

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