Glide Path File Offers Flexibility and Durability

Richard Gawel


Successful root canals all start with a predictable glide path. Boasting flexibility and durability, EdgeEndo’s NiTi EdgeFind file is designed to provide that predictability.

“Stainless steel files stay fairly straight. They want to open up,” said Dr. Chuck Goodis, owner of EdgeEndo and inventor of the EdgeFind. “But the nickel titanium wants to stay and hold the shape of the canal.”

The EdgeFind operates better in curved canals than manual stainless steel files, according to EdgeEndo. Used with an electric handpiece at 300 to 500 rpm, it doesn’t cause any canal or apical transportation or any canal ledging. It also offers faster instrumentation time.

“I think it really speeds up the procedure because these files just flow right down the canal,” Goodis said. “You open up the glide path and then once you go to your larger shaping file, it just floats down real nicely.”

The NiTi resists cyclic fatigue better than its stainless steel counterparts as well, EdgeEndo says. Due to its 02 taper, its outer wall doesn’t get stretched as much as other files. Each file is designed for single use.

The EdgeFind is available in P1, P2, and P3 packs of 6 at 21, 25, and 31 mm, with assorted packs also available. For more information, call (855) 985-3636 or visit

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