Glass Fiber Post Streamlines Endodontic Solutions



Teeth that have undergone endodontic therapy often face compromised structural integrity and aesthetics. Dentists, then, can use endondontic fiber posts to recreate abutments and preserve tooth strength—a time-consuming, inefficient, and complicated procedure.

3M’s RelyX Fiber Post 3D is designed to be a streamlined solution. As an update of the original RelyX Fiber Post, it offers higher mechanical retention to the core buildup material thanks to its coronal 3-D macro retentions. It also maintains a strong bond in the root canal due to its microporous surface, according to the company.

According to 3M, the RelyX Fiber Post 3D’s enhanced radiopacity greatly improves post position control within the canal. In combination with no more than 3 other 3M products that are designed for easy use, the company says that the entire post and core buildup procedure can be significantly simplified to 4 simple steps.

  • First, dentists apply the ready-mixed RelyX Unicem 2 Automix self-adhesive universal resin cement directly into the root canal from bottom to top using an endo tip for a virtually void-free mix.
  • Next, dentists place the RelyX Fiber Post 3D in the canal without pretreatment such as etching or silanization.
  • Third, dentists apply Scotchbond Universal Adhesive to the post and surrounding tooth structure to provide a reliable bond to the core buildup material.
  • Finally, 3M says, dentists can use Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative for a fast, easy, and void-free core buildup around the post.

“Performing endodontic restorative procedures can be complicated and often come with a lot of variables that a dentist can’t control,” said James Braun, DDS, MS, of Saignaw, Mich. “With the 3M post and core solution, I can feel confident that I receive a robust and reliable outcome from a simple procedure.”

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