Giving Through Smiles Mission Trip To Neltume Chile Jan 26-Feb 3, 2013



American College of Prosthodontic Academy Members Drs. Jon Zamzok, Charles Lennon and Anthony Randi recently returned from Neltume Chile where they spent nine days helping set up and run a dental clinic for an underprivileged population of adults and children.  They were a part of a team that consisted of several prosthodontists and general dentists from NY, a post graduate resident Shavari Karande  from Queens Hospital, and a dental technician, Vincent Verdosa from Stoneybrook University School of Dental Medicine.  This team joined forces with dentists and dental students from Chile to construct 50 dentures and treat 150 children with rampant tooth decay.

The dental clinic was set up in a school in the logging village of Neltume in  the foothills of the Andes.  The dental equipment the doctors worked with was extremely limited.  Some of the patients were treated on school desks that substituted for dental chairs. 

This was the second outreach trip for the not-for-profit foundation, “Giving Through Smiles.”   This foundation has high hopes of doing many more dental missions abroad, and in the United States.  Their goal is to bring dental health and education were there is the greatest of need.

Drs. Zamzok, Lennon and Randi want to extend a special thanks to fellow academy members Drs. George Tysowsky and Frank Lauciello of Ivoclar Vivadent for their generous donation of dental materials.  The Giving Through Smiles Team wants to thank the GNYAP for their generous gift to the mission outreach program.

Contact Dr, Jon Zamzok for additional information about Giving Through Smiles.                                      

The Giving Though Smiles Team
L-R   Rodrigo Haristoy, Shavari Karande, Vincent Verdosa,  Charles Lennon,Guido Sarnachiaro, Jon Zamzok, Claudia and Marc Hockman,
Ruth and Anthony Randi