Gen4 Dental Partners with Leading Michigan Dental Organization, Smile One Services

Gen4 Dental Partners
gen4 dental partners


gen4 dental partners

Gen4 Dental Partners, a Thurston Group portfolio company based in Tempe, Ariz., has announced the acquisition of Smile One Services, Michigan’s first multi-specialty dental organization out of Grand Haven, Mich.

The new partnership brings a network of practices across West Michigan that includes general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontic practices as well as a successful pediatric dental surgery center into the Gen4 Dental Partners family, while maintaining each practice’s autonomy and excellent brand awareness.

“It’s always exciting to partner with forward-thinking, like-minded dentists and teams who believe in creating outstanding patient experiences and outcomes — and the exceptional people at Smile One Services are an ideal addition to Gen4,” said Gen4 Dental Partners Chief Executive Officer, Lamonte Jensen.

The move expands Gen4 Dental Partner’s reach into Michigan, and further diversifies the platform capabilities into Multi-specialty dentistry.

“We’ve always been a progressive organization, seeking new ways to help simplify practices to allow for greater focus on patient care and relationships,” said Smile One Services founder and CEO, Darren Riopelle, D.D.S. “Our partnership with Gen4 Dental Partners puts patient care first while creating a better future for our providers, teams, and ultimately, our patients.”

As a clinician himself, Dr. Riopelle created Smile One Services with the heart of a dentist, coupling a passion for patient-centered care with innovative technology and treatments.

About Gen4 Dental Partners

The company, led by CEO Lamonte Jensen, and CCO Dr. Mitch Ellingson, is one of the fastest growing, and highly innovative Dental Service Organizations, providing world-class support to leading providers of dental services.

Gen4 was created to challenge the status quo in the consolidation space. The Gen4 Platform is designed to allow dentists and their teams the ability to practice dentistry their way while experiencing the benefits of financial and operational support.

About Thurston Group

Thurston Group is a Chicago-based private equity firm that focuses on building industry-leading companies in the healthcare and related business services sectors. Thurston has an extensive track record of partnering with physicians and building fast-growing healthcare businesses, including Smile Doctors, US Endo Partners, US Oral Surgery Management, SGA Dental Partners, Gen4 Dental Partners, Arc Health, Options Medical Weight Loss and U.S. Orthopaedic Partners.

Over its 35-year history, Thurston Group has returned more than $4B of invested capital.

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