Gajjar Elected AGD President

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The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) House of Delegates installed new officers during its Annual Meeting, November 2-4, in Chicago. Neil J. Gajjar, DDS, a general dentist from Toronto and Master of the AGD, was named president. He is the second Canadian to hold the office. Gajjar aims to strengthen AGD’s network of dentists and establish more resources to improve oral health. 

“Our members want to be connected to other dentists,” said Gajjar, who also is the youngest AGD member to hold the office. “They want to know what should be done in specific clinical situations, which courses they should take, which courses are worth their money, and which ones will make them better dentists. We need to incorporate the technology to give them what they need.” 

Other officers elected during the meeting include Bruce L. Cassis, DDS, of Fayetteville, West Virginia, as vice president, and Elizabeth A. Clemente, DDS, of Skillman, New Jersey, as treasurer. Other members of the 2018-2019 Executive Committee include:

  • Connie L. White, DDS, president-elect
  • Michael W. Lew, DMD, secretary
  • Bryan C. Edgar, DDS, speaker of the house
  • Roger D. Winland, DDS, MS, editor
  • Manuel A. Cordero, DDS, CPH, immediate past president

The regional election outcomes include: 

  • Howard Chi, DMD, regional director, and Guy Acheson, DDS, trustee, in Region 13
  • Jason Eaton, DDS, regional director, and JC Cheney, DMD, trustee, in Region 14
  • Kulwant Turna, DDS, and Sarah Hyams, DMD, regional directors, and Sanjay Uppal, DDS, trustee, in Region 15/16
  • David Mapes, regional director, and Jennifer Fong, DDS, trustee, in Region 17
  • William Burn, DMD, regional director, and Glenn Miller, DDS, trustee, in Region 19
  • Laurence Grayhills, DMD, regional director, and Robert Gehrig, DMD, trustee, in Region 20

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