From Research to Practice: Prof. Gang Shen and Smartee’s Contributions to the ASO Clinical Day 2024

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Prof. Gang Shen, Smartee mandibular repositioning, ASO Clinical Day 2024


Smartee Denti-Technology, a global leader in clear aligners and digital orthodontic solutions, demonstrated its commitment to transforming research into practical clinical applications at the ASO Clinical Day on 5/24/2024.

Prof. Gang Shen, Smartee mandibular repositioning, ASO Clinical Day 2024

Prof. Gang Shen delivered an insightful lecture on Smartee Mandibular Repositioning Technology

ASO is the largest dental specialist society in Australia and was established over 80 years ago, representing around 90% of registered orthodontists across the country. The ASO Clinical Day event brought together the world’s leading orthodontic professionals to share groundbreaking research and innovative practices. Held annually, the event invites internationally renowned orthodontic experts as keynote speakers. This year, for the first time, a Chinese expert, Professor Gang Shen, was invited to give a full-day presentation as the keynote speaker.

Prof. Gang Shen, Smartee’s Chief Scientist in R&D, a world-renowned orthodontist and former professor at the University of Sydney, delivered an insightful lecture on Smartee Mandibular Repositioning Technology, showcasing how Smartee has been actively bridging the gap between research and clinical practice.

During the presentation, Professor Shen addressed one of the significant challenges in orthodontics: severe malocclusions with skeletal elements. Severe Class II jaw discrepancy, often due to overgrowth of the maxilla and backward translation of the mandible, manifests as a prognathic facial profile and malocclusion with excessive overjet, deep overbite, and a deep curve of Spee.

Smartee’s exclusive mandibular repositioning technologies, S8, S9, and S10, are co-developed by Smartee and Professor Gang Shen, based on his 30 years of academic research and clinical experience. As a cornerstone of mandibular repositioning technologies, S8 comprises two appliances: S8-SGTB and S8-SGHB. These customized orthopedic appliances aim to reposition the mandible forward, promote TMJ remodeling, restore Class I occlusion, and treat severe Class II and Class III malocclusions effectively.

Professor Shen’s lecture was structured into three sessions:

  1. S8-SGTB for Correcting Severe Class II Jaw Discrepancy Caused by Mandibular Physiological Retrusion: This research-based technique is now being applied in clinical settings, showing significant improvements in patient outcomes.
  2. A New Diagnostic Classification System for Malocclusions with Facial Convexity: Professor Shen introduced his own classification system for Class II malocclusions. Developed through rigorous research, this system is now integrated into orthodontic practice, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans.
  3. S8-SGHB for Correcting Severe Class II Jaw Discrepancy Caused by Mandibular Pathological Retrusion: This segment focused on the use of S8-SGHB appliances to correct jaw discrepancies resulting from pathological TMD conditions.

The lecture provided an overview of the latest advances in clinical orthodontics, supported by an extensive literature review and expertly presented completed cases. Some doctors commented after the event that the mandibular repositioning techniques mentioned by Professor Gang Shen could help many patients who prefer not to undergo tooth extractions or surgeries to complete their malocclusion treatment. They look forward to applying this technology in clinical practice to treat complex malocclusion cases. Other doctors noted that using the S8-SGTB and S8-SGHB technologies can improve patients’ facial profiles through non-surgical methods, representing an innovative and original invisible orthodontic technology.

The ASO Clinical Day concluded with an insightful panel discussion and debate on more orthodontic topics among international orthodontic experts. By translating independent research into practical solutions, Smartee aims to infuse new vitality into the orthodontic industry and continue enhancing treatment outcomes and improving patient care on an international scale.

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About Smartee Denti-Technology:

Founded in 2004, Smartee is the leading provider of clear aligners and digital orthodontic solutions in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, Smartee has two research & development centers and manufacturing plants that are fully automated. By serving over 64,000 doctors from 48,000 medical institutions in over 47 countries, Smartee has achieved over 1 million perfect smiles worldwide.

With the advance of digital solutions, Smartee continues expanding its portfolio and has launched over 10 aligner products catering to different malocclusion problems for children, adolescents, and adults. Collaborating with Prof. Gang Shen and his Orthodontic Team, Smartee has developed an innovative product: Smartee GS, which provides orthodontists with mandibular repositioning technology to treat patients with complex indications including facial prognathism, facial retrognathism, and mandibular deviation more effectively.