February 2020

Dentistry Today



What You Can’t See Can Hurt You! Ensuring Success Via Full Polymerization of Composites

Dr. Douglas L. Lambert discusses the importance of the proper and full polymerization of composite materials.

The Technological Revolution in Implants and Aligners:
How 3-D Printing and Planning Software Are Impacting Care
Drs. Brady Frank, Kevin Ison, Pete Stover, and Trent Anderson share insights on how 3-D printing and planning software are shaping clinical opportunities.

Technology Upgrades in Re-treating a Hybrid Prosthesis

Dr. Timothy F. Kosinski outlines the rehabilitation of a patient who suffered serious dental injuries in an automobile accident.

Tips for Treating Patients With Limited Openings

Dr. Manor Haas shares many clinical tips and tricks and the necessary instruments needed to do root canal treatments in patients with limited mouth openings.

Light Curing in Restorative Dentistry: The Devil Is in the Details

Dr. Jeff J. Brucia reviews the current research and his 32 years of clinical experience to provide some techniques and guidelines, as well as some limitations and concerns, to allow for predictable success with everyday light-cured procedures.

Phasing Complex Cases When Opening the VDO
Dr. Michael C. Fling discusses a long-lasting intermediate restorative material option that allows clinicians to do treatment in phases to better accommodate a patient’s financial needs.

The Biggest Killer of Dentists

Focus On: Open Formats