FDI World Dental Federation Hosts Second Annual Sustainability in Dentistry Summit

FDI World Dental Federation
FDI World Dental Federation


FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) proudly announces the upcoming second edition of its virtual Summit on Sustainability in Dentistry, set to take place from June 18 through June 20. This important event will offer a platform for presenting case studies, sharing best practices and providing informative resources aimed at improving sustainable practices within the dental profession.

FDI World Dental Federation

The inaugural Sustainability in Dentistry Summit, held in 2023 to mark World Environment Day, garnered widespread acclaim from participants and presenters alike. Building on the resounding success of its debut, FDI is thrilled to host the second edition of the virtual event over three days in June 2024.

“We are delighted to bring back the Sustainability in Dentistry Summit this year, reaffirming our dedication to shaping a more sustainable future,” said Dr. Greg Chadwick, FDI president. “Environmental responsibility is critical in dentistry, a commitment we owe to our planet and future generations. We invite all stakeholders to engage in this enlightening three-day event and join us in fostering a healthier, eco-conscious approach to oral healthcare.”

Amidst the global environmental challenges faced by the world, FDI acknowledges the significant impact dentistry has on our planet. To address this issue effectively, FDI launched its Sustainability in Dentistry project in 2021. Through this initiative, FDI has meticulously documented and celebrated the commendable efforts of stakeholders in dentistry, including its member national dental associations and dental practitioners worldwide, recognizing their hard work to mitigate the environmental footprint of dentistry through initiatives such as the Sustainability Awards. The upcoming virtual Summit on Sustainability in Dentistry presents the opportunity to spotlight additional success stories and equip attendees with the tools and inspiration needed to embrace environmentally conscious decisions for their practices.

The summit will also be an opportunity to get familiar with FDI’ Sustainability in Dentistry project and the diverse resources that have been developed as part of the initiative, including a Massive Open Online Course for dentists and dental teams, a Pledge for Sustainable Oral Healthcare, a Sustainability Toolkit, and more.

“The FDI Sustainability in Dentistry Summit is an important event for our industry,” said Andreas Frank, EVP, chief business officer at Dentsply Sirona. “This event provides valuable insights, knowledge and motivation to dental professionals around the world to advance sustainability. As a co-founder of the FDI Sustainability in Dentistry initiative, we at Dentsply Sirona urge everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to come together, learn and take action for a more sustainable future.”

“As a founding partner of the FDI Sustainability project, Haleon believes that sustainable dentistry is better dentistry,” said Gareth Rudduck, head of conscious consumption for oral health at Haleon. “We are dedicated to making our business more sustainable and partnering with industry to support the meaningful change needed. Personal responsibility is at the heart of this mission. We believe that even small changes in practice can yield significant economic, social, and environmental benefits. Join the summit to benefit from impactful case studies, best practice guides and valuable resources.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this industry-wide project to improve sustainability practices within the dental profession,” said Atsushi Kinoshita, executive director for sustainability transformation at Sunstar. “While we are on our own journey to become more sustainable, we remain committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting oral care professionals in their own sustainability transformation.”

Join us on 18th to 20th June, from 4PM to 5:30PM CEST each day, at the Sustainability in Dentistry Summit and be part of our commitment to improve the environmental impact of the dental profession on the planet. Register here.

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FDI World Dental Federation is the leading global voice of the dental profession and envisions a world with optimal oral health. It serves as the principal representative body for over 1 million dentists worldwide. Its membership includes some 200 national dental associations and specialist groups in over 130 countries.

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Learn more about the Sustainability in Dentistry project

The project is supported by partners: Dentsply Sirona, Haleon, and Sunstar; and supporters: Colgate, Kulzer, and SDI Limited.

For more information, visit www.fdiworlddental.org/sustainability-dentistry.

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