Fake Braces Becoming Problem in Asia



Fashion braces have become a new trend in Asia. The problem is no one figured to check the health ramifications.

Health experts in Indonesia, Thailand and China have warned against wearing the fake fashion braces.

The fake braces have become popular amongst teenagers based on the high cost of orthodontics. The braces can be purchased online or in open-air markets. The braces are sometimes fitted at beauty salons.

The braces appear to be harmless but there have been two recent deaths linked to the braces. In Thailand, the braces have been banned based on a death of a teenage boy. The death resulted from an infection in the thyroid glands that led to heart failure.

People in Thailand now caught selling the braces may face a jail sentence up to six months. If a person is found to be importing these braces, the person could face up to a year in jail.

The problem with the braces stems from the wiring they use. The wiring is made of lead, which can cause major health problems if it enters the wrong part of the body.