Exclusive Interview: Dr. Thomas McClammy

Dentistry Today


Dr. Tom McClammy speaks to us fresh from the stage after his GentleWave presentation at last month’s American Association of Endodontists meeting. He talks about his personal experience with the system as well as how it achieves the basic endodontic principles as put forth by Dr. Herbert Schilder in 1974.

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Bringing the “Future of Endodontics” to Today

The ADA has released new resources and information related to genetics and oral health–watch now to find out what the organization has to say. We’ll hear from our sponsor, Sonendo, about how clinical expertise was utilized to help them bring the “future of endodontics” to today with the GentleWave system. In an interview with vice president of research and development, Mehrzad Khakpour, PhD, all of this is explained in more detail.

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