European Market for Dental Implants to Grow to $2 Billion



According to Millennium Research Group, a global authority on medical technology market intelligence, while the European market for dental implants will show significant growth to $2 billion by 2015, large variations between dental implant markets in various countries will have significant effects on the business strategies of dental implant companies.

The fragile economies of Spain and Italy have affected their dental implant markets. Dental implants are mainly elective procedures that are usually not reimbursed by insurance. As a result, patients choose not to undergo these procedures when personal finances are limited and employment is uncertain. Due to reduced procedure volumes, Spain’s dental implant market will continue to shrink over the next year. Italy is currently the second-largest European market for dental implants, but the downward pressure on prices will make it difficult for companies to increase revenues.

France and the United Kingdom are relatively underpenetrated despite their comparatively robust economies. Increasing patient awareness and dentists’ willingness to adopt dental implant treatments will lead to growth rates of about 8% annually in both countries, nearly double the overall European market average.