European Economic Issues May Hurt Dental Patients



The issues facing the euro may soon impact dental patients.

Funding for dental care has been lowered by about 100 million euros per year, according to the Irish Dental Association. The dental care many were accustomed to will soon be more costly.

The problems are also impacting Spain, where the costs are continually rising. Prospective dental patients are forced to go with cheaper dental treatment in many cases.

Many Europeans could be susceptible to other health problems, based on the likelihood that the overall oral health will soon suffer. People could be at higher risk for diabetes, strokes or heart disease.

Dentists won’t have the opportunity to diagnose problems in their early stages, which will eventually lead to more serious problems.

Time will tell if this problem becomes a long-term issue or if Europeans will be able to receive the same type of dental care as they did in the past.