Etekcity Launches Innovative, Multifunctional Sonic Electric Toothbrush



Vesync Co’s premier smart health and wellness brand, Etekcity, known for its award-winning and best-selling household electronics, health and fitness scales, outdoor recreation equipment, and easy-to-use smart products, announces the launch of its first ever Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

This affordable, multifunctional product offers a high-performance design with five different brushing modes and comes with convenient, easy to use accessories including a travel case, brush cover and eight brush heads.


Etekcity Sonic Electric Toothbrush

“At Etekcity, our main focus is the health and wellness of our customers, so dental hygiene felt like a natural category to branch into as oral care is important to overall health. With the Etekcity Sonic Electric Toothbrush, we are so excited to provide a multifunctional and high performing product that will surely become a staple in improving oral health,” said Grace Yang, CEO and founder of Vesync Co, Ltd. “As the first ever dental care product from Etekcity, we not only wanted it to be innovative and affordable, but we also designed it with convenience and simplicity in mind to make it easy for our customers to incorporate into their daily routine.”

The Etekcity Sonic Electric Toothbrush is a must-have for improved oral health, offering multiple functions such as:

  • Five Brushing Modes with Single Button Operation:
  • White mode vibrates 40,000 strokes per minute for an intense and deep clean
  • Clean mode vibrates less intensely than in White Mode, but effectively removes debris and plaque hidden in crevices around the teeth
  • Sensitive teeth mode offers a gentle, soft, clean for those with sensitive teeth
  • Polish mode offers high frequency vibration to polish the surface of the teeth
  • Massage mode offers a gentle massage of the gums to stimulate blood flow and strengthen and nurture gum health
  • High-Density Bristles: High-density bristles reduce the pressure of the brush head on the gums; bristle density is increased by 50 percent compared to standard brushes
  • Two Minute Smart Timer: The two-minute timer helps maintain the right cleaning habits and pauses every 30 seconds to remind users to move to a new area to ensure dentist-recommended brushing time
  • Fast, Convenient Charging: The Electric Toothbrush fast-charges in two hours and 30 minutes with an included USB cable that yields up to 30 days of use

With crescent shaped brush heads and polished bristles, the Etekcity Sonic Electric Toothbrush offers an effective clean without damaging the gums, while still easily removing plaque, stains, and debris. Additionally, the bristle color will gradually become lighter after three months as a reminder to change the brush head; and the waterproof design makes it perfect for shower and bathroom use.

The Etekcity Sonic Electric Toothbrush is now available on or Amazon for $29.99.

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