Dogs’ Teeth Need Daily Brushing



Precaution is always better than cure. Especially when it comes to health problems may it be for yourself or your pets. According to a new research, New Zealanders are failing to meet new healthcare standards in keeping their dogs teeth hygienic.

According to most of the vets, dogs’ teeth need a daily routine of proper brushing and a check up by dentists every six months for avoiding tooth problems and foul smelling. About 99 percent of dog owners fail to brush their dog’s teeth daily, so they fail to meet the basic healthcare needs of their pets.

The main cause of pain and dental diseases of dogs is the absence of daily brushing. Teeth of dogs accumulate tartar and plaque as rapidly as humans do. The daily routine cleaning is the ideal way to maintain canine oral health.

About 61percent dog owners don’t brush their dogs teeth at all, along with 55 percent that don’t realize to do it daily. Roughly 15 percent complain that their dogs don’t like to, more than 7 percent don’t know how to brush their teeth and nearly 4 percent feel that it was too dangerous.

Biscuits, dog gums and animal bones are the best regular dental care ailments.