Does Brushing Teeth Curb or Stimulate Appetite?

Dentistry Today


Following some Twitter buzz, one news outlet examined whether brushing teeth makes people hungry or lose their desire to eat – find out what was revealed about tooth brushing and hunger. Also, learn about a recent ProHEALTH-sponsored health fair, and what the organizers had to say to the public about oral health. And finally, this week, the AACD 2017 Meeting is in full swing in Vegas. Hear about what the organization has planned for attendees.

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Virtual Reality As Actual Reality for Surgery Students

Researchers in the United Kingdom are working on virtual reality education to train surgeons in medical and dental schools. Watch now to find out how the technology works, and what the advantages are for tomorrow’s maxillofacial surgeons. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and Dentistry Today is offering many perspectives to get all dental professionals involved in diagnosing and treating this disease. Our last story this week focuses on a group of young girl scouts who just may be the dental professionals of the future.

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