Discus Dental Acquires ZAP Lasers

Dentistry Today


Discus Dental announced this past June 28 that it has acquired ZAP Lasers, based in Pleasant Hill, Calif. Building on a successful sales, marketing, and distribution relationship established in October 2009, Dis-cus will now integrate ZAP’s research and development and manufacturing functions into its Southern Califor-nia operations.
The acquisition will enable Discus to expand the distribution of its full line of soft-tissue diode lasers into key countries such as Korea and Taiwan and give the company direct leadership of ZAP’s research and development initiatives and cost-reduction programs.
The full line of Discus lasers includes the NV Microlaser, NV Ortho, SoftLase Pro, OrthoLase, and HygieneLase. All products will be manufactured and sold under the Discus Dental brand globally. For more information, visit discusdental.com.