Digital Sensor Designed for Quality, Comfort, and Durability

Richard Gawel


David Arnett, cofounder and president of DentiMax, discusses how the company’s Dream sensor provides high-resolution imaging as well as patient comfort and durability, in addition to DentiMax’s customer support.

The DentiMax Dream Sensor digital x-ray sensors are designed to provide exceptional image quality, patient comfort, and hardware/software compatibility.

With rounded, beveled corners as well as the thinnest CMOS design on the market, DentiMax said, Dream Sensors provide the best fit for mouths of all sizes. They also bridge to virtually all dental software packages on the market, DentiMax continued, even with other brands that typically don’t offer quality compatibility.

The Dream Sensors are designed for durability as well, with Kevlar reinforced cables connected to waterproof, tightly sealed housing with corners that absorb shock, the company said. Each Dream Sensor comes with a three-year warranty as well.

For image quality, the Dream Sensors use a CMOS active pixel chip including an industry-leading, highly sensitive scintillator with a fiber-optic plate that includes a built-in circuit board, DentiMax said.

Additionally, the Dream Sensor Care Package provides additional training, support, and resources to ensure that users make the most of the sensor. Free trials and a five-year replacement plan are available as well.

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