Deployable Triage and Surgery Suites Include Dental Capabilities

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The Fenix Group has partnered with an established government integrator to launch deployable triage and surgery suites anywhere in the world. Customizable to meet customer needs, each Apollo suite comes with male and female exam rooms, a light surgery suite, a dentistry clinic, telemedicine connectivity to care networks, satellite backhaul connectivity, Wi-Fi, and closed-loop encrypted 4G/LTE services. Also, each suite is equipped with self-sufficient power through solar panels, batteries, and generator backups.

“In working with our partner companies to conceive the market for Apollo, we saw immediate need for self-sufficient medical triage centers that could be deployed on short notice anywhere in the world. The 2017 hurricane season saw large areas without power, connectivity, or medical care. Apollo brings all of those capabilities to where they are needed most and provides first responders with connectivity to a larger care network of doctors and nurses not able to make it to the front lines of a disaster response mission,” said Fenix Group president and CEO Dave Peterson.

While the Fenix Group focuses on providing cutting-edge technology and direct support to Department of Defense and partner forces worldwide, organizations charged with helping populations recover from natural disasters or disease outbreaks also can take advantage of the deployable clinic. The Fenix Group is focusing efforts on the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, the Red Cross, and the National Guard as well as private organizations engaging in providing care in austere environments.

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