Dentist Arraigned for Multiple Counts of Identity Theft

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Licensed dentist and licensed insurance agent Milagros Macaraig of Marina del Rey, California, has been arraigned on multiple counts of identity theft after allegedly using patient information to apply for life insurance policies without the patients’ knowledge to receive commissions.

An investigation by the California Department of Insurance found Macaraig used the identity of two of her patients without their knowledge to sign them up for life insurance policies without their consent or knowledge.

Macaraig, as a licensed insurance agent, was able to collect commissions on the applications. Her alleged scheme was an attempt to change her commission structure because the more clients she had, the larger her future commissions would be, officials report.

Macaraig allegedly submitted the life insurance applications with an electronic signature and paid the initial premium with a money order. The victims were initially made aware of the policies when they were contacted by their insurer during the underwriting process before any commissions were collected.

The case is being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The Department of Insurance is searching for more victims and asks those with information to contact it at (323) 278-5000.

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