DentalEZ Creates Free Utility Room Sizing iPad & iPhone Application



Malvern, PA (February 18, 2013) – DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, recently released a new sizing application available to all iPhone® and iPad® users that enables dental professionals to seamlessly plan their next major utility room purchase. 

The new RAMVAC® Utility Room Sizing application is intended for all dental professionals who are interested in obtaining concise and detailed information when planning for the purchase of utility room equipment.  The new app specifically focuses on RAMVAC compressors and RAMVAC and CustomAir® vacuum units. 

For dental professionals who wish to purchase a compressor, the user is simply prompted to provide information concerning treatment rooms and information about all devices that use clinical air within their utility rooms.  The application then recommends detailed information about which compressor is most appropriate to purchase and provides all available data on the product including images, part numbers, and retail pricing.  For further evaluation, the app includes an “air checklist” designed to evaluate and record all items included in existing utility room set-ups.

Much like the air sizing tool, the vacuum sizing tool requests input on the number of treatment rooms and devices being used in order to calculate the best recommended wet or dry vacuum system.  For dry vacuums, recommendations include specific vacuum and tank combinations. A “vacuum checklist” is also available for a proper evaluation of existing vacuum equipment being used within the dental office.

In addition, the Utility Room Sizing app showcases DentalEZ’s complete utility room product brochure and includes a customer section for store recommendations.  Furthermore, tools for taking notes and creating drawings are also offered. Each of the tools can be emailed or saved into a customer profile along with the air and vacuum recommendations and checklists.

The new RAMVAC Utility Room Sizing application is free of charge, and is available to all iPhone and iPad users by visiting the App Store.  Interested users can go to the App Store on their iPhone or iPad, search “DentalEZ” or “RAMVAC”, and the application will appear.  The application can then be installed by clicking the “install app” button. 

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