Dental Patients Could Heal Sooner from Implant Procedures



Patients who receive new dental implants could heal from the procedures faster based on new research.

The surface structure of implants was studied at a micro level and a nano level by a research team at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. By making subtle changes to the conductivity of the implant, the body’s biomechanics could increase the rate at which a person heals. There would also be less discomfort involved.

Per-Ingvar Branemark came up with the original idea to use titanium, since titanium is a material friendly to the human body. Titanium has a thin layer of oxide that is formed naturally, which is the reason it meshes well with the body.

A rough surface is better for healing than a smooth one based on the research. But there are other factors that enhance the healing process.

Johanna Loberg developed the idea to describe the topography of the implant. Loberg used theoretical estimations to test different surfaces.

The results match up with animal studies and other clinical trials. Surfaces with a clearly defined nanostructure have a larger active area and respond rapidly when the deposition of bone-forming minerals occurs.

This project is a combined effort by the University of Gothenburg and Astra Tech AB. It will be evaluated further.

The thesis Integrated Biomechanical, Electronic and Topographic Characterization of Titanium Dental Implants was defended at the University of Gothenburg.