Dental Options may be Improving for Diabetics



Dental implants have aided many people but diabetics haven’t necessarily reaped the benefits the way others have.

Diabetics see the ability for their wounds to heal becomes hampered, producing concerns about recommending implants for diabetic patients with dentures. The ability to fight infections is also not as strong for these patients.

But a new study indicates that dental implants may be used instead of dentures and can be permanently inserted into the jawbone to set the groundwork for a false tooth. The early results looked promising after following patients for more than a year, including people with diabetes.

There were more than 200 implants that were placed in this study and only two didn’t heal properly.

The patients with diabetes took a longer time to heal but still healed nevertheless. These patients need to be monitored throughout the next few years to see how the implants do over time. It’s also conceivable that infections develop over time, but it’s difficult to predict what the results will be.

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