Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA) Invests in Alta Smiles

Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA)


Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA), a leading venture capital firm dedicated to advancing dental technologies, announces its latest strategic investment in Alta Smiles. Alta Smiles is at the forefront of innovation in hidden orthodontics and is set to disrupt the industry with its unique approach to patient care and technology. DIA’s investment marks Alta Smiles’ first institutional financing. Previously self-funded through a select group of strategic individual investors, Alta Smiles has now secured support from DIA, bringing a wealth of industry expertise and connections to the table.

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“Our investment in Alta Smiles highlights DIA’s commitment to identifying and supporting technologies that are transforming dental care. Alta Smiles’ novel orthodontic technology significantly benefits both patients and providers. We believe Alta Smiles is uniquely positioned to drive the continued consumerization of dentistry and meet growing patient demand for aesthetically oriented orthodontic solutions,” shares Doug Brown, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DIA.

Alta Smiles’ orthodontic treatment is completely hidden, comfortable, and convenient. The company’s C5 Hidden Orthodontics technology utilizes state-of-the-art materials and design to discreetly align teeth without the need for traditional metal brackets. It also integrates digital monitoring and remote consultation capabilities into its treatment process, allowing for flexibility and convenience in managing orthodontic care from anywhere. By integrating advanced technology with personalized care, Alta Smiles ensures that orthodontic treatment is seamless, stress-free, and more accessible than ever before.

“We are thrilled to welcome DIA as a strategic partner. DIA’s deep industry knowledge and vast network will be instrumental in accelerating our growth and expanding our market presence. Their investment is not just a vote of confidence in our vision but also a validation of the transformative impact we aim to make in orthodontic care,” says Gary Giegerich, Founder and CEO of Alta Smiles.

About DIA

Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA) is a close group of dental industry executives that funds, advises, and propels the success of early-stage companies building the future of dentistry through technology. Its investor base includes executives and experts from some of the largest and most innovative dental support organizations and other dental businesses. DIA has offices in New York, Nashville, and Research Triangle Park, NC.

About Alta Smiles, LLC

Founded in 2019 and guided by a world-class board of advisors that includes leading investors and executives from the dental and healthcare industries, Alta Smiles is a technology and services company poised to transform the delivery of orthodontic care. Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies and methodologies create an entirely new category of orthodontic treatment with C5 Hidden Orthodontics. This innovative approach is preferred by patients and can be delivered by any dental or orthodontic office with a high level of expertise and confidence. In addition, V5x Dental Images leverages the most advanced technology for seamless in-office diagnostic images and time-saving remote patient monitoring. Alta Smiles is opening the door for more people to have amazing smiles.

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