Dental Health May Suffer During Summer



Summer habits and a person’s diet may have an adverse impact on one’s dental health.

Consuming certain foods and drinks, like the food at barbeques, may be problematic for one’s oral health. The summer schedule could wreak havoc on a child’s teeth because he or she isn’t a on a strict schedule like during the school year.

Also, with a higher number of outdoor activities during the summer, there’s more snacking and less meals eaten in some cases. The problem is that many snacks are more acidic than the kind of food you would eat during a meal, resulting in more damage to your teeth.

Some fruits that you may eat and salad dressing that you may use, which could actually be healthy, contain acid, negatively impacting your teeth. This will increase your chances of developing a cavity.

Some foods, beverages, or condiments that have a high acidity are wine, squash, vinegar, citrus-type fruits, and possibly ice cream. Foods with a higher pH level, like white bread, water, gin and tonic won’t cause the same problems for your teeth.

The British Dental Health Foundation is urging people to be aware of these things during the summer, even though the summer weather there isn’t like it is in the United States.