Dencept Dental Acquires and Re-Launches Beckmer Products’ Complete Line of Hands-Free Dental Devices

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dencept dental


Dencept Dental, the company that specializes on providing innovative products and systems that increase workflow efficiency and improve ergonomics for the entire dental team, recently acquired the licensing, manufacturing and distribution rights of the entire product portfolio of Beckmer Products.

Beckmer Products was established in 2004 with the invention of the Dental R.A.T. by Becky Logue, RDH. According to Logue, “We are so excited to see Dencept Dental take our needed products to the next level. Our goal was always to make the lives of dental clinicians easier and more productive, We are thrilled to watch it continue to grow and flourish!”

dencept dental

The acquired products all share the common attribute of enabling hands-free, ergonomic operation that eliminates the need for additional assistance in a variety of clinical dental and hygiene procedures.

  • Dental R.A.T. is a hands-free perio charting system that eliminates twisting and turning when charting pocket depths, and the need for an assistant.
  • BLUE BOA is an amazingly light suction tubing that enables hands-free saliva evacuation.
  • BOOMER – The Foot Mouse enables the hands-free operation of any PC or laptop during dental and surgical procedures. It is also used worldwide for occupational injuries and returning people to work that can’t use a typical mouse.

According to Dencept Dental Owner and CEO Karlene Bostick, “We’re proud and excited to continue the impressive legacy of these innovative hands-free dental devices and relaunch them to dentists and hygienists. We will also be expanding our programs for serving the DSO, school, government, distributor, and GPO markets.”

Dencept Dental will continue to manufacture these products in the United States and will also provide the highest level of customer support. Custom DSO, Distributor, GPO, school, and government purchasing programs are also available. For more information or to order online, visit or call 877-278-0061.

About Dencept Dental

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Dencept Dental provides private practices, schools and DSOs with innovative products and systems that increase workflow efficiency while improving clinical ergonomics for the entire dental team. The company specializes in manufacturing and distributing products that were specifically designed for hands-free operation, which in turn, reduce repetitive stress injuries and eliminate the need to have an assistant during several common dental procedures. All Dencept Dental products are made and assembled in the USA and include the highest level of customer support.

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