Cosmetic Dentist Vouches for Sonendo’s GentleWave System

Dentistry Today


Enrico DiVito, DDS, the inventor of PIPS laser therapies, speaks about incorporating Sonendo’s GentleWave System into his practice. The system offers an alternative to standard root canal treatment (RCT), which combines broad-spectrum acoustic energy and advanced fluid dynamics to flush away debris from the entire root canal system. DiVito opted to use this system because he tries to stay up to date on the latest dental technology with the goal of using the technology in his practice. The system has lessened postoperative sensitivity, improving his patients’ experience by streamlining the RCT process and cutting visits from 2 to one. DiVito believes there is a clear distinction between the GentleWave System and other cleaning systems. For more information, call (844) 766-3636 or visit

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