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The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) is emphasizing a team approach to laser dentistry during ALD 2018, Dentistry’s Laser Meeting, scheduled for April 26 to April 28 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Fla.

“Laser dentistry delivers better patient outcomes when the entire dental team is well trained on the many applications, specific techniques, and sensible safety procedures related to this technology,” said ALD executive director Gail Siminovsky. “That’s why in Orlando, there’s a strong focus on team training.” 

Eva Grayzel of Six Step Screening will present the keynote address, “Tongue Tied: A Story Not Silenced by Oral Cancer.” Moderated by Georgios Romanos, PhD, DDS, of Stony Brook University, the roundtable discussion will be “Straight Talk on Diode Lasers: Scientific and Practical Rationale for Clinical Dentistry.”

“The more your dental team knows about laser technology and the business of dentistry, the better the health of your patients and practice,” said Siminovsky. “The ALD supports our valuable auxiliary team members with outstanding presenters and topics.” 

Lectures will include:

  • “What to Say to Get the Pay: Coding, Billing, Scripting,” by Karen S. Parker, RDH
  • “Laser Use During Implant Care” by Health Angers, RDH
  • “Photobiomodulation: Applications and Results” by Mary Lynn Smith, RDH
  • “Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment Planning” by Mary Lynn Smith, RDH
  • “Growing Your Patient Base Through Effective Digital Marketing” by Corey Auger of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing
  • “OMG! I Got a Bad Review. What Do I Do?” by Leonard Tau, DMD
  • “Why Your Staff Is Your Most Important Asset” by Corey Auger of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

“Today’s successful practice marketing requires the entire team to be practice ambassadors on social media, in the office, and in the community,” said Siminovsky. “That’s why we’ve included marketing-oriented courses appropriate for the entire team.”

Workshops will include: 

  • “Give ’Em a Hand: Hygiene Hands-On” by Angie Wallace, RDH, and Jeanette Miranda, RDH
  • “The Team Approach to Laser Use: Lasers and the Dental Assistant” by Angie Wallace, RDH, and Jeanette Miranda, RDH

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