Celebrate Dental Implant Awareness Month This September

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September is Dental Implant Awareness Month, sponsored by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). This year’s theme, “Healthy Mouth, Healthy You!” focuses on the health benefits of dental implants.

“Dental Implant Awareness Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness about dental implants as a healthy replacement for missing teeth,” said AAID president Bernee Dunson, DDS.

“Many people know that implants bring back beautiful smiles, but the life-changing benefits go beyond aesthetics. It’s important for people to understand that they help restore overall health,” said Dunson.

To kick off the month, the AAID launched a public awareness campaign including educational materials and a video to bring visibility to the long-term health consequences of missing teeth and the reasons why implants are a preferred replacement option.

Lost teeth cause other issues that may not be noticeable right away, the AAID said. The benefits of implant treatment include the preservation of bone structure, the prevention of gum disease, the restoration of healthy eating habits, and restored confidence.

Dental implants are an investment in physical and mental health as well as in oral health, the AAID said. When performed by a skilled implant specialist, the AAID added, it is one of the safest, most precise, and predictable procedures.

The AAID said that its credentialed dentists invest significant time and energy into dental implant-focused training. Because they have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of dental implants and treatment options, the AAID added, they understand the big picture and are dedicated to putting patient needs and health first.

Furthermore, the AAID provides an online search tool for patients to find AAID implant dentists as well as information about dental implants.

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